Building a Pool : The 5 Most Important Considerations

When the weather’s great, we all enjoy spending more time outdoors; we have our meals outside, entertain guests, host events, or even just spend a nice quiet time relaxing in our gardens. If you have some extra space in your backyard, you may be considering building a pool. Although pools can be a fantastic way to have fun and cool off on those hot summer days, they can also be quite significant investments; it’s definitely not something you want to do without thinking it through. Before you rush ahead and build a pool, take a moment to consider the following points:

  1. What would you like the pool for?

This is an important question to consider because there are many different types of pools and each type is best suited for a different purpose. If you’re looking for something that is not only good to cool off in during hot weather, but also for something that you will be able to exercise in, a long, shallow pool may be best. On the other hand, if you would like a more family-friendly pool where children can use all sorts of pool toys or cannon ball into, a larger, deeper and more square pool may be best.

  1. In-ground or Above-ground?

Once you’ve decided on what you would like to use the pool for, you can consider what type of pool would best suit your purposes. There are two basic types of pools, in-ground and above ground.

a) In-ground pools: For obvious reasons, these tend to be much more expensive to build. On the other hand, they are much more durable, sturdy, and easier to maintain in the long-run. These pools tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and can therefore also add value to your home. For these pools, you would also have to consider whether you would like it to be a “natural” pool or made of fibreglass or concrete. You could also make a choice between either having a spa or not.

b) Above ground pools: Because these are bought ready-made, there is little room for customization in terms of exact shapes and sizes. There are however many different options to choose from that vary in size, shape and depth.

For both in-ground and above-ground pools, you will need to decide whether you would like to use salt, chlorine or iodine in your water, or whether you would just like to have a “fresh water” pool.

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  1. Maintenance costs:

In order to keep your pool in good, operating condition, you will have to keep it well maintained; otherwise your pool will have a decreased life span. All pools require maintenance, but there are a couple of features you could ask your pool builder to add in order to reduce the amount of work it will need later, for example a self-cleaning system, multi-phase pumps, etc. In order to control the growth of algae, you could ask for salt-water chlorinators or automatic sanitizers. Your pool designer/builder will inform you of everything you need to know about the maintenance that your specific pool will require; if ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask!

  1. Other Backyard Amenities:

If you’re considering eventually adding more backyard amenities, think carefully about the space they’ll require and how the pool will fit in among the rest of them. Pool houses, gazebos or outside kitchens, among many other things, can take up a lot of space; you don’t want everything to end up being squashed around your pool! If you’re planning on adding a pool house or any other fixture that may require gas and/or electricity, you may want to install all the pipes and cables for these before building a pool; otherwise you may be stuck with expensive dig ups after the pool has been completed! Consult your residential landscaping plan, and consider all options before making a final decision!

  1. Is your land suitable for a pool?

Having your soil tested can help you make sure it’s possible and safe to build a pool on your land. Although in most cases it is possible to do so, it is still worth checking just to make sure you do not invest in a pool that will not be able to withstand the test of time. Sometimes, it is possible to build a successful, durable pool on unsuitable land, but it is likely to significantly go over your initial budget.

Having a pool in your backyard can be great! It can give you countless options of how to use your backyard and can add significant value to your home. Make sure you consider all the right things before going ahead with the investment, in order to avoid any future disappointments!